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Huge brawl at Jets Training Camp

I'm really looking forward to beating the living s**t out of the Jets
Typical U$C alumn!
It starts w/ their head coach, Blimpe.

Teams I hate [and I'm from NYC - left in 175]

1). Giants
2). Seahawks
3). Saints
4). Cowboys
5). Jets
6). Eagles
3 more brawls today haha.
Jets Training Camp = Bad Reality TV
it was more like 2 guys throwing some punches and 18 guys breaking it up. oh, and the sidelines where filled just staff and camera men (since when the f**k can fans sit on the sidelines???). and on top of that, they weren't even close to those guys, a good several feet. - seton from DPshow.

this is just espn taking a page out of Fox news playbook for a while now. stir s**t up when even though there's nothing to stir up (we've had worse fights at our TCs) and just make up lies and allow guys which big mouths to yell about it (skip and s.a.smith)
"I'm over it now. We're teammates. I love him, just like I love his dad. We're moving on."
-- Joe McKnight, on fight with D'Anton Lynn, his position coach's son

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The East Coast bias of ESPN just keeps getting worse. Covering a middle of the pack team who can't back up the smack talk of their bombastic coach for a WHOLE week of training camp is just a joke. Could not care less....................then again, I will have to sit through 10-15 minutes of coverage of it anyway if I choose to watch Sportscenter.

dont think its bias....just that the Jets are attention whores and all media eats it up

this...I think it goes both ways...if the Jets didn't want SC to broadcast from their camp like it was the Super Bowl then they wouldn't be there...they love it...Tebow running around topless...huge fights...this is ESPN's wet dream...
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