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Belicheck Kisses Aaron Hernandez's Injured Elbow


We've seen Bill Belichick's softer side on occasion -- embracing his late father, Steve, on the sideline as the seconds ticked down at Super Bowl XXXIX, and also when his three children are around.

But we don't often see it when it comes to his players, and certainly not like this.

During Wednesday night's in-stadium practice, Aaron Hernandez got tangled up with Jerod Mayo during 7-on-7 work and took a tumble. He got up favoring his elbow, and Belichick gave him a kiss on his boo-boo.

"I had a little bruise on my elbow and I was whining about it, and he was just showing me the love of a father figure and he gave me a kiss on the elbow," Hernandez said today after practice.

Did you ask for him to make it better?

"No, I didn't ask him," he said, smiling. "I damn sure liked it though. Felt some love."That's sort of sweet.
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he is slippin

Beli-Chick-Fil-A. Hernandez

His b***h made him soft.
Good for him
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