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Acceptance of campus pot smoking altering NFL's drug compass

There is a growing sentiment among some NFL team executives that marijuana use in college football has grown so exponentially over the past five years that it has caused a shift in how NFL teams think of players who use the drug.

Marijuana use was never an NFL career killer but it was viewed as a possible omen of potential problems to come. A positive pot test meant possible injured draft stock. That was then. Now, pot use in college has grown so much, scouts and others say, NFL teams are scrambling to re-evaluate players who fail those tests, and in some cases, significantly downplaying its importance.

Some executives maintain the number of college football players that use marijuana has doubled in recent years alone, and some team officials estimate maybe as high as four in 10 draft-eligible players from this draft have failed at least one school administered drug test, and two in 10 multiple drug tests.

The end result of the perceived increased usage, some executives say, is that teams are totally rethinking how they view players that test positive for marijuana. While a positive test result still raises a red flag, some teams believe that franchises are now almost forced to ignore those test results, or at least dramatically de-emphasize them during the evaluation process, because they have become so numerous.
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Former NFL lineman: At least 50 percent of players use marijuana-

Former NFL offensive lineman Lomas Brown, an ESPN analyst, believes more than half of NFL players smoke marijuana.

Brown made his claim to the Detroit News on Friday.

He said that three marijuana-related arrests of Detroit Lions players this offseason are just examples of what is a widespread problem in the league.

"I just don't think you'll be able to curb this," Brown told the newspaper.

Brown said the problem was much worse when he joined the NFL in 1985, when he believes perhaps 90 percent of players smoked marijuana.

A CBS Sports report in April found that four out of 10 draft-eligible players this year failed at least one drug test at school and two of 10 failed more than once.

About 70 percent of prospects at the draft combine admitted to using marijuana, according to an ESPN report.

In 2009, roughly one-fourth of all football players admitted to marijuana use over the past year, which was the highest of any sport surveyed, in an NCAA report.
Shocking ESPN Report: College Football Players Smoke Pot -

In fact, this entertaining ESPN Page 2 story imagines an All-Time All-Star All-Weed NFL team, with the following lineup:

Offense: QB Todd Marinovich, RBs Ricky Williams, Jamal Lewis, WRs Randy Moss, Muhsin Muhammad, TE OJ Santiago, OLs Mark Stepnoski, Nate Newton, Khiawatha Downey, Marvel Smith, Tra Thomas.

Defense: DLs Warren Sapp, Keith Hamilton, Anthony Maddox, Cletidus Hunt, LBs Ahmad Brooks, Darren Hambrick, Cornell Brown, DBs Chris McAlister, Rashard Anderson, Rodney Artmore, Juran Bolden.

This is a concept I adopted for our Pigskin Potheads fantasy league team, which happened to win our league championship against teams stocked with Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers (OK, it helped that the championship game was Week 17 against a Green Bay team that had Aaron Rodgers and James Starks sitting out.) I only draft players who have been busted for or made headlines with weed. Our championship lineup includes:

Offense: QB Michael Vick, RBs Marshawn Lynch, Ricky Williams, WRs Percy Harvin, DeSean Jackson, TE Aaron Hernandez (no OLs in this fantasy league)

Backup Offense: QB Chris Simms, RBs Kevin Faulk, Javarris James, WRs Kenny Britt, Jerome Simpson, Santonio Holmes, TE Anthony McCoy

Defense: DLs Jonathan Babineaux, Shaun Ellis, LB Leroy Hill, DBs Tom Zbikowski, Derrick Martin
Damn, it's just weed. draft experts need to stop over evaluating.
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
Damn, it's just weed. draft experts need to stop over evaluating.

It matters because the league tests for weed, and punishes accordingly. I don't think they should hold it against them unless they think the pot use will continue.
whats more important making millions during an awesome NFL career or smoking pot.....?

use your f**king heads and don't break the law!!!
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
Damn, it's just weed. draft experts need to stop over evaluating.

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Legalize it
I bet 90% still use it. I know josh morgan even after he was drafted was a big pot smoker. The nfl is far more damaging than a few doobie snacks!
It's just a matter of time until mj will be decriminalized first and then legalized for the general public like alcohol is across the US.

Well, its common knowledge that marijuana is used in the treatment of severe pain. and what's more painful then playing in the NFL? I find that a lot of people cope with smoking weed and it doesn't take from their quality of life the way alcohol, a legal substance, would.
What people don't talk about id the poison - carbon.

Burnt tobacco and burt pot are carbon factories and are poison. The are highly carcinogenic. Even eating burnt or charred food is potnetially very dangerous.

Legalization is not an issue to me. Be smart, make millions upon millions and retire - then buy a pot farm.

If I had an opportunity to make that kind of money - I NEVER would do anything so stupid and blow it.
NFL needs to shift their focus onto all the DWI's................................ JMHO.
End the prohibition of reefer, the Government would make a ton of money by doing this
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
NFL needs to shift their focus onto all the DWI's................................ JMHO.

exactly one more off season like this and Roger gonna come up with a 1 and done policy regarding them
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