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Any other teams you root for sometimes..........

you....I don't really "hate" the Seahawks, Cards, or Rams (like I used to hate the Cowboys and Packers)... I mean, when Warner was with the Cards, yes f'them....but I do root against them when it affects us. But I'll be honest, I do like when they beat these other supposed power house teams. The Media and fans talk so much s**t about the NFC West, but its these teams that beat these other power house teams through out the season.

Once we clinch the division, I don't mind if fellow NFC West teams win their way into a playoff spots as well.

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i don't know about any other teams.. but i'll follow certain players that i like.. especially if they are from the bay.. i.e. desaun, jones-drew, jahvid, brady, etc..
i root for the niners to win always obviously. I always root hard for anyone playing one of our division rivals, no matter how much I hate them, even if it's the Raiders, Cowboys, etc. And I usually root for the Rams or cards when they play the Seahawks, unless it's better for the Niners if the Seahawks win.
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Whoever's playing the Cowboys.
Yeah I root for the SF Giants too.
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