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Case McCoy rips Browns organization after phony tweet about his brother Colt

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Man that title was long. Anyways, a phony tweet saying Colt McCoy was traded to the Eagles got Case McCoy all fired up. He said it was the Browns loss and they are only going downhill from here. Once he found out it was a fake article, he immediately back-peddled and apologized.
I heard them talk about this all day on the sports radio here. The McCoy family just needs to shut up. They have done nothing but criticise the Browns at every step and all they have manage to do is make Colt McCoy look weak and not worth the controversy for another team to take a shot with him.

Living in Cleveland I watched a lot of McCoy and I honestly think he stinks but for some reason these dillusional Browns fans think he just has never had a shot. So I always ask name his strengths and I get the same response. He has a lot of heart and he has been a winner on all levels. So I respond he has no arm strength, is not very accurate and does not make quick enough decisions, I get the reply well that's because the browns have given him no weapons. I just shake my head is there supporting cast good no but when you can't even throw an accurate 15 yard out pattern and teams know that what do you think they are going to do. Load up the box totally shut your running game down and put a lot more pressure on the QB.

This is another fine example of a guy who was a great college Quarterback in a great system just like Colt Brennen Tommy Chang, David Klinger, Etc Etc, who put up monster numbers but just don't have the true intangibles to be an NFL starting QB. I feel sorry for Colt in away because now teams who were looking for a legitimate back up may look else where just because the don't want to deal with being questioned about every move the team makes in relation to Colt. The quicker his family realises that he can be a solid backup the better and he can move on with his career.
I wonder if the McCoy family name all their sons with monosyllabic words beginning with the letter C?
His kin need to stfu and let him be a grown man and deal with his business.
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