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Seahawks lose their remaining days of OTAs

I guess some one didn't read the CBA. SeaHags lose 3 days of OTAs for having contact durring their OTA's something the new CBA prohibits.
Dumb s**ts
i can already see pete carrols dumb self thinking "1 padded practice is better than 2 without"

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I guess Pete Carroll thought moving to the NFL got him away from the rule book he failed to read a USC.
They want to be physical with an F.
what's his deal?
What could actually stop the seahawks from having practices behind the NFL's backs? Would they have NFL officials there to make sure that the seahawks are obeying the rules?
dumbass Pete Carrol
they wanted to make a statement

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Pete Carroll thinking to himself-"What's a good way to get ahead of Jim Harbaugh?"
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
what's his deal?

Do these dumb asses think they're going to get away w/any illegal or rule bending in this highly charrged climate?

After Bountygate, concussion awareness don't these jackasses realize they are under a microscope. The scruitiny of NFL has increased and will continue to do so.
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
what's his deal?

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