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NFC West Division VS Division

Just wanted to have a discussion of our division as a whole, going against other NFC/AFC divisions. The new worst division is debatable, where the best division is arguably the AFC North/NFC North.

Heres how the NFC West did for the 2011 season against the AFC North and NFC East:

AFC North
49ers AT Bengals : Win 13-8
49ers vs Browns : Win 20-10
49ers AT Ravens: Loss 6-16
49ers vs Steelers: Win 20-3
Average points per game: 14.75
Average points allowed: 9.25

Seahawks AT Steelers: Loss 0-24
Seahawks AT Browns: Loss 3-6
Seahawks vs Bengals: Loss 12-34
Seahawks vs Ravens: Win 22-17
Average points per game: 9.25
Average points allowed: 20.25

Rams vs Ravens: Loss 7-37
Rams AT Browns: Win 13-12
Rams vs Bengals : Loss 13-20
Rams AT Steelers: Loss 0-27
Average points per game: 8.25
Average points allowed: 24

Cardinals vs Steelers: Loss 20-32
Cardinals AT Ravens: Loss 27-30
Cardinals vs Browns: Win 20-17(OT)
Cardinals AT Bengals: Loss 16-23
Average points per game: 20.75
Average points allowed: 25.5

Judging how we did against this division, the record outcome was 6 wins and 10 losses. Without our wins to boost that record, our division managed 3 wins and 9 losses. Yes I know how terrible the Rams make our division look on paper, but it didnt play much of a role against the AFC North.

As horrible as the Rams were last year, there wasnt a difference between them or Seahawks against the AFC North. We all know how tough all the AFC North defenses are, but they didnt lack much firepower either. The Cardinals (having the only real passing offense that year) amazingly was able to score some decent points in all of their games, but lacked the defense. Feel free to use this info against seahawks/cardinals fans when they claim they have "as tough or even a TOUGHER defense than us". The stats dont lie, when they play the toughest division in the league, they are simply sub-par.

NFC East
49ers vs Cowboys: Loss 24-27(OT)
49ers AT Eagles: Win 24-23
49ers AT Redskins: Win 19-11
49ers vs Giants: Win 27-20
Average points per game: 23.5
Average points allowed: 20.25

Seahawks AT Giants: Win 36-25
Seahawks AT Cowboys: Loss 13-23
Seahawks vs Redskins: Loss 17-23
Seahawks vs Eagles: Win 31-14
Average points per game: 24.25
Average points allowed: 21.25

Rams vs Eagles: Loss 13-31
Rams AT Giants: Loss 16-28
Rams vs Redskins: Loss 10-17
Rams AT Cowboys: Loss 7-34
Average points per game: 11.5
Average points allowed: 27.5

Cardinals AT Redskins: Loss 21-22
Cardinals vs Giants: Loss 27-31
Cardinals AT Eagles: Win 21-17
Cardinals vs Cowboys: Win 19-13(OT)
Average points per game: 22
Average points allowed: 20.75

Here is where the Rams really stunk it up.
Division Wins: 7
Division Losses: 9

So what I'll do is pretend they dont exist for this next statistic. (Sorry rams fans!)
Division Wins: 7
Division Losses: 5

So technically, our division is not a laughing stock anymore. Our division is able to play against the NFC East competitively and apparently are better suited against their defenses. (Which is a good thing, because there arent as many tough defenses as the AFC North).

I just felt like doing this write up because my buddy is an Eagles fan and kept talking trash about how weak our division is. 3 out of 4 NFC West teams beat the NFL's most "talented" team.

As much as I HATE the seahawks, cardinals, and rams, I want them to win as much games as they can (without getting in our way for championships) to show how far we've come along.

*Now, how do you think our division as a whole will play against the NFC North and AFC East for the 2012 season? Who do you think has the best division? And who do you think has the worst division?

Thanks for reading! Sorry if its too long.
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Awesome post
Don't ever feel that you need to apologize to Rams fans.
NFC East is overrated, AFC South/AFC West are definitely the frontrunners for worst division, and then the NFC West
Originally posted by ItsKapTime:
Awesome post

Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Don't ever feel that you need to apologize to Rams fans.

Originally posted by dhp318:
NFC East is overrated, AFC South/AFC West are definitely the frontrunners for worst division, and then the NFC West

I agree, the NFC East is a joke. I'd vote that the AFC South is the worst division, and the Texans should be running over that division for years to come. AFC West will be revamped next year, and I have Oakland going into the playoffs at 9-7. I dont care how good Manning is, he always required some sort of talent around him, and they just dont have enough over there on offense. I'm going to go ahead and make a bold statement, that 2 teams will get into the playoffs from the NFC West.

Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Don't ever feel that you need to apologize to Rams fans.

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