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Mike Jenkins wants a Trade

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins is holding himself out of this week's organized team activities and wants to be traded, according to a report in The Dallas Morning News citing an anonymous source.The Cowboys begin their first OTA of the 2012 offseason Tuesday. The workouts are voluntary. Players usually attend them unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as an injury.Jenkins has spent much of the offseason away from the Valley Ranch practice facility since having shoulder surgery in January. Jenkins' ability to participate in the OTA was doubtful given the surgery. Jenkins was considered the Cowboys' top cornerback in 2011. He played in 12 games and often played hurt with shoulder, neck and knee injuries.However, his status changed when the Cowboys signed free agent cornerback Brandon Carr to a $50.1 million deal. The Cowboys then traded up to draft LSU corner Morris Claiborne sixth.Jenkins has one year left on his contract, and the Cowboys have given every indication they plan to keep him in 2012.This offseason is seen as a critical one for the defense. Because last offseason's workouts were wiped out by the labor dispute, this is defensive coordination Rob Ryan's first opportunity to install his system in full.Follow Keith Whitmire on Twitter: @Keith_Whitmire

Is he someone we should be interested in ? ...Rogers, Brown and Culliver will be our top 3 CB's ...but do you think Baalke and Harbaugh would pull the trigger on a trade for Jenkins ?
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Can he play RG?
he needs to go to a cb hungry team, like detroit, so we can burn him
Sign him
I'll take a flier on Mike Jenkins for a 7th rounder
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doesn't really matter, Dallas was looking to trade him anyway.... seeing as how a really productive TE like Winslow went for a 6th rounder, I wonder how much they can get for a mediocre DB?
sounds like dallass is a perfect place for him. Guy can't be too smart if he has had all the preceding surgeries, then this one, and now he wants to play elsewhere? Man , that sounds like a guy tailor made for dallass.
He's a good corner
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Can he play RG?

Only if Gire

He may be a good corner, but any dallas or Ft worth newspaper will tell you in a few paragraphs that CB is a terrible weakness for the cowboys and has been for 10+ yrs.
I don't want him. I think he is Average at best.
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:

Demanding to be traded works a whole lot better if you don't completely suck at your position.

This is just stupid.
Originally posted by DirtyP:
He's a good corner

I thought the Cowboys secondary was like the worst in the league and their biggest need on defense?

Therefor I could conclude that he blows.
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