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Hey AB83 as always love the input. You seem to have a in on what teams are spending their money on and I have an inquiry. Out of the past ten Superbowl winners what percentage of their cap was spent on their QB. The reason I ask this is that there seems to be a consensus that you have to pay for a top tier QB in order to win super bowls but looking at it, I'm not sold that is the best way to win.

Most of the super bowl winners I can think of were playing with a up an coming QB that was on his original contract. When they paid him a high percentage of their salary cap for the team, while still being competitive, they didn't seem to be able to duplicate those results. An example would be Tom Brady. Won 3 right off the bat, when they paid him as at top QB, they have been good but zero Super Bowls. I am curious to see how the Green Bay Packers manage their team once Rodgers is getting paid 20 mil a year vs 9.

I guess what I am looking for is the idea that it is a team effort and the effect of a great QB in today's NFL is over exaggerated. Not to say it's not important to have an "Above Average" QB, but so many teams bank on the idea that they have to have an "A" grade QB; they sign a QB, who shows potential of being one yet it ends up destroying their team due to the cap. Also teams that have that great QB and spend the money to keep him end up not being able to compliment him with a great overall team. Meaning their defense becomes bad because they have not money to maintain it.

It's just a thought but wanted to see what the data stated and felt you were the man for the job.

Lets see, trying to go on memory on who was the last 5-10 QBs to win the SB.

2011 season- Eli Manning - $11,600,000
2010 season- Aaron Rodgers - $7,750,000
2009 season- Drew Brees - $ 10,660,400
2008 season- Ben Roethlisberger - $ 7,971,920
2007 season- Eli Manning - $ 10,046,666
2006 season- Peyton Manning - $ 10,571,068
2005 season- Ben Rotethlisberger - $ 4,225,090
2004 season- Tom Brady - $ 5,062,950
2003 season- Tom Brady - $ 3,323,450
2002 season - Brad Johnson - $ 6,803,150
2001 season- Tom Brady - $ 314,993

Obviously aside from 2001 when Brady was in year 2 of his career, every QB from 2002-2011 was over $3M, with most at 7-11M.

2000 season- Trent Dilfer- $ 1,000,300

2000 was the year where we saw a primarily defensive team win the SB with a average QB. Every other year, besides 2002 was a premiere QB, even in 2007 season with Eli, who wasn't premiere or great back then, but is now.

also opponents QBs

2011- Tom Brady - $12,950,000
2010- Ben Roethlisberger - $12,250,000
2009- Peyton Manning - $ 21,205,718
2008- Kurt Warner- $ 6,004,320
2007- Tom Brady - $ 7,345,160
2006- Rex Grossman - $ 1,685,124
2005- Matthew Hasselbeck - $ 6,205,280
2004- Donovan McNabb - $ 7,863,355
2003- Jake Delhomme - $ 1,780,000
2002- Rich Gannon - $ 3,714,285
2001- Kurt Warner - $ 2,269,977
2000- Kerry Collins - $ 2,213,500

Those QBs were primarily big name QBs, at the time mainly. Except Grossman. Eve Delhomme, Hasselbeck and Collins were considered big to a good name QBs.
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