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Megatron on cover of Madden 13

sucks to know one of my favorite players will get injured this year
wont make it to game #2

the curse continues
Poor Detroit fans and just when they thought there fortunes had turned. Maybe Megatron will retire early like Barry Sanders when he was on the cover lol
FTMFW!!!! f**k Cam Newton.
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pretty cool looking cover. I love Johnson, hope this "curse" does nothing to his season.
week 2, he goes down.

Should have been Pat Willis.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
week 2, he goes down.

this will for sure tell if the madden curse is real
Nice, gotta love Calvin.

If stafford gets hurt (more likely)

will people say its cause of madden curse?

Megatron wont make it past game 2 though, sorry lion fans.
still gonna draft him for FF team.

...or should I? hmmm.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Should have been Pat Willis.

Not sure if serious.
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won't be drafting him in fantasy football this season.

lulz at chaz's pic from Pulp Fiction.
Madden curse + 13 = he doubly f**ked
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