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New York Giants owner John Mara envisions end to kickoffs

F*** the giants!
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Just switch to flags and call it a day.
Originally posted by kray28:
Just switch to flags and call it a day.

Not as far away as you think.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Not as far away as you think.

People say that, but really they won't because they'd lose too much viewership. Violence sells. I guess baseball and basketball are doing fine without it, but sports are always afraid of having the ratings tank and revenues fall.

It's the reason hockey(which doesn't have as much to lose at #4 most popular sport in U.S) is afraid to get rid of fighting as well. It's not necessarily that they couldn't survive without it, it's the bad press that comes from it and the negative reactions from fans. Pretty soon people are canceling season tickets and TV ratings are tanking.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by Amir:
might as well end tackling and make it flag football.

We are going there slowly but surely. If people can't see the changes that have been happening the last 10 - 15 years they are blind. This isn't fully physical football anymore. Ronnie Lott would get kicked out of the league in this era. I think he would be banned. I don't think he could even play. Little kids now a days don't even know what real football is. This isn't it. What we have been watching the last several years. It gets more sissyfied every single year. It's not going in the right direction. That's for sure.

10-15 years??? try ever since the nfl has been in existence...

they need to do things like this because ex players are lining up for lawsuits against the NFL so they need to do things like this..or else bye bye NFL

Sure since it's existence.

It already is bye bye NFL. The NFL today is not the NFL of my youth. I don't even recognize it anymore. You can't even tackle or be physical. Just rediculous. If lawsuits is a problem they need to sign waivers. Everybody but a fool knows football is really rough. Especially at this level. Sign the waiver or you can't play. Rediculous that ex players come back for money grabs years later. And ruin it for the current game and fans.


It is a money grab by former players. They got paid well to play a game (well for the era they played in compared to the average Joe during that time) and now they want more money. Lawsuits like this are b******t. What case are they trying to make? That the NFL knew, like the cigarette companies, that they were getting concussions and that that s**t would f**k them up when they got old?
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