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Is McNabb hating or just telling the truth?

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Originally posted by 49erstrandedinclev:
I was thinking a Job McDonalds makes sense.

They don't have a job where you just get to sit and eat it all day though. He'd have to stand around all day and that can be hard work.

If Mcnabb came to camp at 270 pounds a few years ago, guess what he weighs now? He's gotta be offensive guard sized.(OMG GENIUS, CAN HE PLAY GUARD???)
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Donovan McNabb: "I would vote for myself for the Hall of Fame"

"Peyton never won the big game until he won the Super Bowl finally. Dan Marino never won the big game. But does that mean his career is a failure? No. Not at all," McNabb said. "When you sit and look at the numbers — and that's what it is when it comes to the Hall of Fame — my numbers are better than Jim Kelly, better than Troy Aikman, better than a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame, but the one thing they do have is a Super Bowl."

There aren't enough facepalms on the planet for this guy.
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