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Seahawks Pathetic Pursuit of Manning

Haha, the Seahawks flew out to Denver where Manning was meeting the Broncos, expecting to meet with him.

5. Manning does not like surprises

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider flew to Denver unannounced to show how serious they were. That type of move might work on college players, but Manning didn't appreciate it. He never met with the Seahawks.
I just read that like 5 minutes ago. That was hilarious. Poor Seachickens.

Link if anyone wants to read article it's in.
I really have my doubts on peyton, and here is why:

1. We all saw what happened to the colts without him this season, they tanked.
2. peyton put them on the map,,,,no peyton, no colts stadium.
3. He gave them a superbowl.

Knowing the above, why wouldn't the colts want him back? Because they knew him the better than anyone else, and knew he was done, and chose to cash in on the Luck lottery. I believe the teams that wanted him, were basing their decision on jersey sales, ticket sales, and the popularity of bringining him in for a lot of income....not necessarily a superbowl.
Hate the seahawks, but big deal
Glad those guys are in charge over there
hahaha s**thawks.
That's because Caroll still hasn't gotten out of the college "perks" face during recruiting.

peyton seems stuck up. with that said, screw the seachickens

What arrogance! What a tool!
Peyton is ghey.
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