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If you could have any player in the NFL.....

Without it costing you anything major, who would you want?? He comes to this team to deliver maximum impact.

Anyone but QB position.

Saw this on a divisional forum....very interesting idea. Patrick Willis' name came up a lot...hehe.

I say:

calvin johnson.
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
calvin johnson.


but i wish i could say a QB.
Originally posted by IdentityCrisis:
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
calvin johnson.


but i wish i could say a QB.

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Justin Smith, Patrick Willis or Demarcus Ware
Calvin's Johnson
As much as we all love Patrick ILB isn't as important as some of the other positions. LBs are easier to find in the draft just like RBs and they have a bigger chance of working out. QBs, WR, DEs/OLBs, LTs are more risky and probably all more important than ILB especially in the 3-4. Since we aren't including QBs I would decide between Ware and Calvin. Since we have a great D I go Calvin (plus he is younger). Others I would maybe consider for this 49ers team are Joe Thomas and Carl Nicks. If we are talking about starting any team and you can't go QB I still probably go Calvin. Have to take age into consideration... Justin, Ware, Fitz are a bit older than Calvin
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Even though i hate this guy i'll go with Deion Sanders.
I have to go with Calvin Johnson too.
oops my bad. you meant currently in the league. gotsta be Megatron! Jimmy Graham would be a close second.
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Why do people think Calvin is better than Lawrence?

Quite frankly, the things Lawrence has been able to do is nothing short of amazing. I think Calvin will have to have a few more seasons like 2011 before he can be considered equal or better.

The way Lawrence takes balls away from DBs in tight windows, it's like a man taking a ball from a kid. Don't know if I've seen CJ do anything but jump balls.
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got him already

Matt Prater
D ware
Jimmy Graham
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