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Hes a good kid and a good player. I live in Montana ans have gotten to meet him this past off season. Wish we kept him but I wish him lots of luck. Very good guy.
He wasn't good enough to be active last year, so he was a guy that must have had potential only.
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What? They both suck...might as well cut some salary...
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Originally posted by susweel:
another wasted pick by baalke

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Originally posted by susweel:
another wasted pick by baalke


personal attack
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i heard we were going to trade him for a 7th rounder but couldn't find a partner.

From who?
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Really would have liked to have him on our squad. He was the only other WR burner on our team aside from Moss. Good luck to him though.


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Good for Person. Wish him luck.

Pun intended?

Didn't want lol
Thanks for the work Peason.
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The article the other day talked about how SF had 8 guys on the OL who would start in the NFL. The starting 5 plus I assume Leonard Davis and Kilgore? I remember thinking - is Person the 8th guy? Then he got cut.

The Colts have first shot at guys on waivers and picked up three guys. Person may have been a bit of a hot commodity. I hope he sees some PT in Indy.
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Wow that forum looked more disfuctionalthan we were in the Nolan era.
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