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Hacum no one talks about Early Doucet.

Originally posted by RonMexico:

Hacum grammar gets exponentially worse and worse these days?

No one wants Early "Douchette" because about a third of the receivers in this draft are better than him.
Because he's a garbage receiver and Cardinals fans hate him and want to move on without him......that should tell you something.

Oh and Dashon would probably want to f**k him up if came into the locker room.
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Originally posted by WiL7:


lol @ Dashon throwing punches at his helmet.
I like you
Originally posted by Dadda808:
He is a big receiver with a great mean streak and was always overshadowed by fitz I think he would be a great addition to the Niners for cheap

I like your enthusiasm man...four verbatim posts in a row to begin the thread, I got to applaud that!

p.s. I just wished you were less enthusiastic about signing DOUCHEet.
Hacum dey done says we cuddint beat dem saints?
ILL hacum on you
Hacum eh?
Hacum my balls are on yo chin?
Originally posted by WillistheWall:

Scarface Brah