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David Garrard anyone?

I am by no means an Alex hater nor am l an Alex lover. With that said, I'll get to my question. What about letting Alex go, and picking up David Garrard to either be our starter or our backup to Kaep? Just my opinion, he would be a better option filling either role. Go!
No, Im a full supporter of Alex and I want Kap on the bench for 2 more years.
i wouldn't even let that dude sleep on my couch, let alone be the QB of my team.
He has a decent chance of being in Miami IMO. If they strike out on Manning and Flynn.
Check the stats friends;)
Originally posted by Irish40Niner:
Check the stats friends;)

the first thing I see is that he hasn't played football in over a year.
No. My personal belief is that if Kyle Williams didn't ruin the season Alex would be a Super Bowl winning QB today. I'm in full support of him going into next year.
How much would he cost
We can convert Gerard to a RB and replace Dixon

As a backup only
To be honest, i still believe in Tolzien and this move would require that we part ways with Tolzien.
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Originally posted by valrod33:

LOL this
Originally posted by Irish40Niner:
Check the stats friends;)

The stats say hes never won in the playoffs.
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