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Evan Mathis does an AMA

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Not sure how many people here are familiar with reddit, but its basically a large social community on the internet. Anyways, Evan Mathis (G from the Eagles) recently did a Ask Me Anything where users of the site posted any questions they wanted and he answered them. Interesting to get a little insight on the life of a random football player, and he also gave some pretty big props to Justin Smith. Link -
That is f**king awesome!

I lol'd at this conversation:

Member: I've always wondered how much pro athletes follow their video game stats. Do most of your team mates know how they fare in Madden?

Also, if you play, do you prefer to play as yourself?

Evan: Growing up playing the games I follow what goes on with them. I can't really play as myself on there because who the hell wants to be an O linemen on Madden? I will be the Eagles though.

Member: Do you ever get pissed at virtual you for not giving virtual LeSean McCoy a large enough gap to run through or letting virtual Michael Vick take a sack?

Yeah, he said Justin Smith was the hardest to block and that he got robbed of the defensive MVP award
Q: What's the biggest dinosaur you think you cold kill with primitive weapons? Traps aren't allowed; it's like a fight in a football stadium. You don't have to name any specific dinosaurs, just give a size.

Okay, so I'm in a football stadium but there's a 20 foot tall tree on the 50 yard line. I am in said tree with a two foot sharpened rock blade. A Tyrannosaurus makes his way to the tree. He gets within a few feet and I jump off onto the top of his head. I stab his head as hard as I can but nothing happens. He starts to move his head around and I struggle for balance. He is trying to grab me but isn't coming close. I gather myself, rear back, and impale his eye with the blade. He lets out a loud, painful roar. I reach in his eye socket, grab his brain, and rip it out like Kano would a heart. He falls to the ground. I run with his brain to the end zone and fulfill a lifelong dream by scoring the first touchdown of my entire career.

I loved the football is an intricate game and dont make announcers opinions yours.
when you said AMA, i thought you meant american motocycle supercross or something. That would have been cooler.
Originally posted by jdt84_2:
I loved the football is an intricate game and dont make announcers opinions yours.

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