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2011 Cap Space leftover(49ers have more than thought)

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Quick Question. I see the Colts are at 2.5. If they don't pay Manning the roster bonus does that effect that number?

Manning's 28M option bonus really isnt all in one season, it is pro-rated over 5 seasons, including 2011. While in a sense they save money over the life of the contract, they save 1/5ths of the money for 2012, and 4/5 years, his 2011 season part of the option is already paid.

Thanks for the explanation.

no problem, any time.

I believe they get a credit for the part of the option they paid out in 2011 applied to 2012's cap, so they save all 28M, I think I read that in an article earlier this month.

Basically its $5.6M a year in pro-rated option bonuses, but paid fully if picked up. His 2012 salary is around 17M, including his base salary and his pro-rated signing bonus amount.
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This is said every year - including last year, when we went after Nnamdi (bet he wishes he accepted).

It'll be pathetic if we re-sign all our own guys and have enough to comfortably land a guy like Dwayne Bowe, but don't. WR is a huge area of need and Bowe is a proven commodity. If he's available and we have loads of cash, we NEED to pursue him.

I understand the disappointment, but if we are indeed closer to 40 million than 30 million, and can land all of our guys, remember, there will be an offseason next year and the year after, etc. We have guys like Navorro Bowman who probably will be in line for an extension next season. Justin Smith will be looking for his last contract if he doesn't retire. This offense doesn't necessarily need a big name receiver. With that said, I'd expect that deals for Alex Smith, Carlos Rogers, Dashon Goldson, Joshua Morgon, and Ahmad Brooks might eat up almost that entire amount.

If we get all of our guys back and can add some guys that can contribute in our areas of need (redzone and third down) on offense, I can live with that.
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