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Ricky Williams to retire...again.;_ylt=Ar_vb51HKphZT_GRZyypQhd9t7l_?slug=ap-rickywilliamsretires

Good luck Ricky, I was always a fan of your crazy ass.
Good for him I thought he was decent this year too.
He's only doing it cause they don't drug test in retirement.
Sticky icky Ricky
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Sticky icky Ricky

that would be my handle if i were on a ravens forum.

it's unfortunate ricky left for a while. never came back the same
I still have Sticky Williams Texas jersey.

I thought he was still beastin, but his heart was never FULLY in the game.

He did his job , but didn't like it , in other words.

Props to him.
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Same here, was always a fan and defended his decision to retire. He was pretty explosive every game I saw him this year.

He will be missed as much as those dreads were. Imagine being the guy that a team trades all their draft picks for?! I'd brag about that s**t all the time! I hope he's financially smart so he could stock up on some top notch purp!
Immensly talented.

In his prime,Moar truck power than Bradshaw IMO
With a better mindset, he could've been one of the best backs of all time.
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