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KnowShon Moreno Pulled over for DUI

and he has a vanity license plate that reads SAUCED

another dummy that won't just take a car service
  • Amir
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good thing aldon smith doesnt drink and drive
  • okdkid
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I thought he was going to be so much better in the NFL than he is.
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well if he gets cut I would take him
He should knowson better than that
Is he bestfriends with Aldon?
  • Paul
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dude is going to be cut in the off-season anyway. Bust
Live and learn.
Not surprised he hasn't done as well in the NFL as so many expected. Probably going to be cut or 3rd string at best.

Denver will draft a RB and go with McGahee/Rookie/Ball

Originally posted by Amir:
good thing aldon smith doesnt drink and drive

  • MuggD
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Dude's a bust on and off the field. I'd still take him on the 49ers though. lol
It's the offseason. These guys are bored and rich with lots of time on their hands. Bound to happen.
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