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Current 2012 cap totals

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These numbers are accurate, they include most base salary escalators, I missed some one timers for Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati, plus extra bonus possibilty for Gore. But Willis is puzzling, I dont understand the difference.

thanks dude. I am always interested in CAP numbers and how much my team, and others, can potentially spend. I really get interested when teams like Oakland start cutting players to save $5 mil or so.

No problem, btw Pittsburgh just cut Bryant McFadden and Arnaz Battle, saving them over 3.5M against the cap.
I have a feeling that Bryant McFadden will be a niner.
lol @the Raiders
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
I have a feeling that Bryant McFadden will be a niner.

ugh really doe?
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How the F are the Cardinals and Rams at $120MM?? There is almost nobody of note on either roster. Terrible franchises, top to bottom.

Rams will save around 10 mil when they cut or restructure Jason smith. They are so high because they have a ton of high draft picks as well as FA guys like Jason Brown.

Think about it, Sam bradford #1, Jason Smith #2, Chris Long #2. Those 3 alone are huge cap hogs. Add in Steven Jackson, Jason Brown, Harvey Dahl, and Quentin Mikell and thats alot of money tied up in very few players.
AB, do you have a cap breakdown for us in 2012 so we can see who we are going to cut to save room?
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Originally posted by WillistheWall:
ugh really doe?

cant be worse than Tramaine Brock lol

I'd take him as a #4 CB
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