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Von Miller wins AP Defensive Rookie of the Year

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as soon as Smith got his DUI, it was over for him.

You are probably right. Especially since it JUST happened.

I am pretty sure they voted before that happened
It looked like this years voters thought that the way you start should be the 'be all' not the way you finish. And Aldon finished strong.
popularity contest.
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400 less snaps but more productive, the best passrusher on the best defense, 1 sack away from NFL record. smh...
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soooo stupid.
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It's less atrocious than Suggs winning the DPOY over Smith.

That was east coast bias in its purest form.

Can someone explain where this east coast bias comes from?

Are all the media reporting outlets from the east coast? What about the media in the west coast?

The mainstream media will always cater to the audience and the east coast has a majority of the US populations. Its a numbers game so they cover what the most people will watch, which is east coast teams.
he rode Tebow's coattails to this award.
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