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Jermichael Finley

From a Packers fan's perspective I agree. The guy is overrated. He has a very good frame and usually soft hands. That's it. He's not really that athletic as TEs. Guys like Vernon Davis, Jimmy Graham, and Gronkowski are MUCH better athletes. Overall I think the Packers WRs and TEs as a whole are overhyped. I've been saying it for several years. Jennings and Nelson are legit studs but the rest of the WR and TE group are just guys. Rodgers along with Brees is a ridiculously accurate precision passer that throws the receiver open. That is what Finley does. He is basically impossible to cover as long as Rodgers delivers a precise pass. That's if he catches it though. Because his frame and body control are very good. Other than that he really doesn't get much seperation and is completely reliant on Rodgers throwing him ridiculously accurate passes into tight windows. Honestly a guy like Vernon Davis would put up monster numbers in Green Bay.

I was high on Finley in 2009 but since then he has struggled to stay on the field and has been very inconsistent. Apparently there is a rift between him and Rodgers. Finley a lot of the time doesn't even know what he's doing. That is what an elite QB gets you though. They get the most out of guys even when they aren't doing their jobs. Finley is constantly running the wrong route and missing blocking assignments. He's a total headcase who talks a big game but doesn't back it up.
Jermichael is not a great TE. Very gifted physically, but isnt a great player. Rodgers makes him look better than he is.
good athlete bad hands
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
He drops passes all over the field. Not a good pass catcher. Definitely overrated.

Link shows that he was 5th in NFL in dropped passes with 11.

For our players:

Crabs - 7
Gore/VD - 6
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