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Niners d vs rams and Dallas d

Originally posted by lamontb:
yea are folks really this petty that they start threads like this. Whoever you talking about was just wrong on their opinions. Send them a pm about it and let that be that. Or just go back to whatever thread you are talking about and post a comment. Just like with maddog and his jj watt stance. Nobody made a thread specifically to eat crow but just went back to that thread where it all started.

By the way you may want to do research before you look elementary......the alex smith eat crow thread was a seperate thread than other alex smith threads. Thats is what i call petty saying something like that before you decide to post a wrong comment like that.

Are folks really this petty that they start a post this? Hahahahaa. You are awarded no points. Too easy
Originally posted by elguapo:
And I knew you were being facetious.....sorry big word....sarcastic.

Actually it's not a I told you so thread. You should look into reading comprehension and understand I was commending those who knew. My main point was to get those to admit they were wrong and eat crow just like I did with Alex smith this year. I didn't accuse the op of the Alex smith thread of wanting props like you accused me, he just wanted to point out Alex had it in him and I as well as many other stood up and ate crow like a man.

Nice try though. A for effort

Both have 9 letters. Am i missing something?
Originally posted by 99problems:
Both have 9 letters. Am i missing something?

Yeah you probably's a big boy word not the amount of letters. Everyone knows what sarcastic means but not the other big boy word. Hahahaha
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