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How stupid does Singletary feel right now?

he needs to watch the film.
I mean he had the right idea. Be more physical and take care of the ball. His downfall was not bringing in the right people to install that into our team. We all knew he was not a X's and O's kind of coach but it could have worked had we brought in football coaches who could teach. I liked Singletary more than Nolan
I think this thread is classless and unnecessary.

Singletary was not completely to blame for his failure. He took over for a failed Nolan regime without ever being a coordinator first. He never learned what it took to develop/manage, a game plan. He was placed into a bad situation and I think he did pretty darn good with what he had.

Where he failed, in my opinion, was his stubbornness. I feel that potential offensive coordinator candidates did not buy into Singletary's offensive scheme (because it was far to simple), thus he was stuck with the only OC who would take the job; Mr. "Who is Yahoo"?!

I give Singletary credit for making our players tough, mentally and physically, but that's it.

So, do we need to start a thread to belittle him? He was a great player, a great position coach; he just doesn't know the X's and O's to be a coordinator, much less a head coach. But, give him time to learn it, if he still has the desire to do so.

I thank Singletary for his dedication to and hard work to my Niners while he was here. His time was just too early. It is not his fault that Jed made an emotional decision to offer him the job.

Give the man a break.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
he needs to watch the film.

He now has plenty of time to watch mountains of film.
Originally posted by KevanBarlow:
Stop hating on the man. True he was in over his head because he wasn't an x and o guy and didn't get a good OC but what he did do was change the mentality on this team. He helped us transition. Into what we are now. He is a hall of fame lb a good person and rich he is most likely extremely happy for the 49ers.

Correct. Possibly in time, Singletary could become a strategist and understand the x's and o's, but at this point he is a motivator. He did wonders with VD, and that should be applauded. I also think he instilled the "never die" attitude in a lot of these guys. He was just unable to ever understand that football is really a "thinking man's game". You can say "hit em hard", "maintain your lanes" and "catch the ball" as much as you want, but the bottom line is that you have to COACH and not preach. At this point, the game is too big for him and he should remain an Asst. HC or a LB coach.

That said, what Harbaugh has done is amazing. I'm not so sure how dumb Sing should feel as opposed to how in awe of Harbuagh the rest of people should be. Who knows? Maybe the mentality that Sing instilled coupled perfectly with what Harbaugh coaches...perfect storm?
Originally posted by Ninerzz:
I laugh when I think of Singletary sitting at home watching Harbaugh take over his team and lead them to the NFC Championship game. WE NEED WINNERS

I read Singletary was missing meetings in Min so they bout to fire his ass. He also didn't put any effort into his players, but instead let his assistants take care of things for him.
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Singletary probably would've saved his job if he'd just started Alex against the Rams, but he actually thought Troy Smith was better. I'm so glad for that in retrospect.

We couldn't even get plays called in on time, and then Singletary would lie about it, thereby blaming Alex, and I'll never forget that disgraceful interview he gave with I think it was Yahoo Sports. An embarrassment to the 49er organization. Good riddance. There was a report last month of him slacking on the job in Minnesota too.
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I wish I could have called timeout 8 seconds into this thread for ol' times sake. Ha
I think he would be proud of his team getting this far. Nothing to be a shame of that he wasn't the one to help make this happen.

Damn let it go already, he didnt hire himself, jed York did. Its like beating a dead horse
Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Super Bowl winner and Hall of Famer feeling stupid. Ok.

Singletary is a good man, he just didn't have the x's and o's down. In the NFL you can't have on the job training it's a recipe for failure.
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LOL - rough crowd! I think he tried a Ditka philosophy hoping it would whip our team into shape. HOF player, in over his head coach...gave this team some confidence and attitude. but, like everyone says, not an x and o coach...his biggest mistake was coming out in public with talent too young and raw and saying we're going to run and punch them in the mouth. he should have passed, play actioned, screens just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttle bit more!
I want Winners.
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