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playing the field with kelly and jason, rofl

OMG, this is the laugh of the year. On espn radio, what the f**k are they doing putting these fools on the radio. First they take this call and the packer fan on the phone goes on to say how he's been a fan for soooo LONG. The girl goes on to ask what his Superbowl picks are. He takes his time, really in deep thought, then blurts out the Packers vs. 49ers!
And the girl agrees with him!!!!! Finally the other guy corrects them and then it goes to who the opponent would be in the AFC. They start immediately talking about how good Eli Manning is playing so good and at the end of the segment, the pick is made: Packers vs. Giants!

Mods, please move if more appropriate for NFL talk, but please don't lock. I think this would be enjoyable for the zoners to hear and laugh about.

--'playing the field' at 9:00am eastern. 1/7/12
Idiots. Gotta love people like that
espn radio is straight trash
dumb cheesed*ck fan...dumb c*nt
moron people. I hate "nfl fans" who dont know crap, but just root cause they live in the state or they like the colors.
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