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Mike Martz resigns as Bears OC

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He got sick of Lovie (like all defensive minded HC) micro-managing him. {A theory of mine}

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Cutler regressed this season compared to last. Martz was probably gonna get fired anyway.
Originally posted by English:
Philosophical differences?

It's a polite way of saying Mad Mike thinks the black helicopters are closing in. says he is in line for the Jacksonville job.

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Why does Martz keep getting canned?
Mike Martz isn't the problem..It's the head coaches..Why hire a guy if you have philisophical differences to begin with?. Lovie Smith will be fired next year ala Mike Singletary post-Martz.
Are you sure he didn't re-sign instead?
Bears fans are tired of Martz and Lovie. According to them, Lovie doesnt have enough passion. Oh and 'no one' takes accountability when the Bears lose.
He was fired, just given the option to "resign" to save face.
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Originally posted by WillistheWall:

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His contract was up this year how does he resign? Dont contract expire once the season ends for a team or is it date specific ?

He couldnt get fired technically so I bet he didnt want to wait until a certain "Date" when his contract expired to interview for other gigs.
Fired or resigned, doesn't matter which. It seems to be he only has about a 2 year shelflife in his positions. I can't believe we ever hired that guy, just wasn't a fit.
Based on Jacksonville's history, he probably could go there and be up for Saint-hood if he brings an offense there. I would like to see how he'd do at the college level however.
Originally posted by Paul:
Why does Martz keep getting canned?

Because his offensive philosophy is outdated, not to mention the propensity for a outrageous number of sacks and turnovers.
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