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Concerns about Mike Singletary's preparation has 'raised red flags'

Originally posted by Ohio49er:
It's obvious now if you want a motivational speaker, Mike Singletary is your man. He can fire you up. Just ask Vernon Davis who was well on the way to busted pick status until Singletary chewed him a new one.

But that said, you can't win with Singletary. He can't game prep a team, manage time outs and coaches' challenges, has no clue what the game plan is and a halftime adjustment for Sing was to cinch his belt another knot so his pants don't fall down. And make sure that vampire-killing crucifix was prominently displayed.

Not hating on the guy, but Singletary is too lazy, too unfocused and too undisciplined to EVER be a head coach in the NFL and if he ever gets another shot a job, I'll be shocked.

Singletary bought the groceries, but it took another ex-Bear, Jim Harbaugh, to prepare the meal.

Sing did not buy the groceries and I doubt he could even find the store.
he probably talked the couple into marriage so he had obligated to attend....
must have had his pants down
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Cant believe how many experts still suck him off.

Swallow the load b*tches
Dingleberry has got to be very bitter right now!!!! Harbaugh has completely ruined any chance of him ever being a HC ever again in the NFL.

Same team, results The opposite
Yep, sounds like dung gon Mike Dingleberry alright
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Originally posted by rigs49:
Dennis Erickson is the worst coach of all time!!!

Erickson is s**t, but with all things being equal I would gladly take him over Dingleberry. At least you could be sure he was competent enough to draw up a play. Erickson inherited a franchise that was heading to the abyss. Dr. York was clueless. Terry Terry Donahue spent more time in LA supposedly playing golf than he did in Santa Clara. 2003 was disappointing. And 2004 was atrocious, but that year the roster consisted of the likes of Rashuan Woods, Ken Dorsey, Kwame Harris, Cedric Wilson, Mike Rumph, Ronnie Heard and etc I am surprised they won any games.
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Originally posted by SealTeam6:
Cant believe how many experts still suck him off.

Swallow the load b*tches

Who exactly?
didnt vikes just fire their def coordinator and offer him the lb coach job--where does that leave singletary?
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