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Which AFC team reaches the Super Bowl?

Which AFC team reaches the Super Bowl?

49ers vs Patriots
  • BobS
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The Ravens. They will be able to slow Brady down and the Patriots can't stop anybody.
Ravens or Steelers
Originally posted by BigRon:
Harbowl II. I hope.

Ya me too. I don't see Jim falling to any team twice in the same year. With 2 weeks to prepare and a neutral field as opposed to 3 days to prepare and flying cross country to their house, I think we'd take down Baltimore. Jim is a way more cerebral coach than his brother, who is more rah rah and hands off. Extra prep time gives us a way bigger advantage.
That poll did well
  • vaden
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Pats. They were my pick before the playoffs and now I have no doubt they will beat Baltimore. Flacco is awful, has regressed terribly, and that D is overrated. Brady will shred them.
I am scared that the Pats will make it. Brady will play like a man absolutely possessed because:

1) We were his favourite team and passed up on him, and

2) He lost the last super bowl and would probably rather DIE than lose again.

I just hope their defense is bad enough for Alex match the insanity that Brady will likely unleash.
I want a Harbaugh vs Harbaugh bowl personally. I think the interviews will be just as entertaining as the game.

  • teeohh
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Theres something about a Harbaugh rematch that doesn't feel right for me. I think we could beat them but for some reason it's like shoot they beat us already and two brothers coaching against each other is crazy.

Think about it, thats messed up. Reminds me of the movie Half Baked and the story about killer the dog who has to fight his brother nibbles and killer is like "naw thats my brother I can't fight nibbles"

thats messed up!
  • Kolohe
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I don't see the Ravens beating Tom Brady and the Patriots, just too much fire power on that NE offense. It also won't help now that Ed Reed is hurt.
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