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Week 16 Thread

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Holy s**t, the TD flip over a defender and land on his feet in end zone was sicK!!!!


That is a TD made for a football movie ending
Friggin' Palmer, guy has thrown 15 picks, in how many games ...

Jets are going to try hard to lose the game
Any clip of that Jerome Simpson TD yet?
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plus lol @ rams
that was a sick td by simpson, damn i cant believe we lost to those f**king cardinals
Go Bills!
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Any clip of that Jerome Simpson TD yet? has it
holy s**t Dolphins whooping on the Pats 17-0 at the half

f**k the tardinals. I don't like them now
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Mark Sanchez is dating Kate Upton. Life isn't fair.

Are you s**tting me?

What the hell are we gonna do if they marry and now Sanchez is the Prince of England and Rex is gonna strut around going, "I'm royalty's boss, hah!"

oh f**k never mind that's the wrong kate
Peterson career may be over
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Peterson career may be over

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Adrian Peterson being helped off field... Looked bad. Ugh. Thinking good thoughts.
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