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Todd Haley Fired

Originally posted by 49erRider:
Originally posted by hungarian9erfan:
so bradford will have a new OC again

I'm willing to bet the same people using this as an excuse for Alex will act like it's not an excuse for Bradford.

doubt it

He has become Alex 2.0 but its worse for him because the Rams are gay
it was that fkn dirty ass hat he never took off. probably stinks like mildew.
It absolutely mistifies me why Josh McDaniels is such a hot commodity. He blew up the Broncos, acts like a spoiled brat, and then has lead the Rams offense into a ditch. Yeah, he should be a head coach. Maybe he'll be the HC of the Rams if Spags gets tossed. That I would vote for!
Wouldn't be surprised to see "The Wiz" bring him back to Arizona as OC
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