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It's crazy how many times guys get sacks that didn't require any pass-rushing prowess. Sometimes coverage sacks, sometimes a different dude attracted a double team so you got an easy path to the QB, sometimes a break down in the o-line's protection means you are left unblocked, etc. Granted, it just so happens that the guys that wind up with the most sacks are indeed the best pass rushers (i.e. Ware, Harrison, Allen, etc.), but sooooo many sacks are not the result of a great pass rush on said play. Oh and of course that example with Tom Zbikowski last week when we played the Ravens. Dude was in coverage but then Alex Smith broke the pocket and tried to scramble for a first down and TZ tracked him down. It happened to be a 1 yard loss so he gets credit for a sack even though his assignment wasn't even to rush the passer on the play lol.
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Your point?
Cool story bro
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