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Which NFL roster would you least like to take over if you were a GM?

Essentially which roster is the worst in football to start building a team?

What made me think about this was actually playing madden. I like to sometimes take over a bad NFL team and simulate the games just making roster moves and drafting to improve the team.
Here are the teams with the worst records this season who might be in the running.

Indianapolis Colts:
The Colts actually have a pretty awful roster (going from division champs w/ Manning to potentially no wins without him). You look at the two DE's who are good but are getting up there in age and wouldnt be counted on for much in the future. DT's are non existent, linebackers outside Angerer are mosly backups, and the secondary outside Bethea isnt very good either. Offensive line is absolutely terrible just about across the board. Manning is great but is nearing the end. I will say I think their offensive skill players are solid. Clark. Wayne, Garcon, Collie etc are good receivers...but the backs could be upgraded.

Roster grade: D

St. Louis Rams:
The Rams thought they had the QB of the future when Bradford played well last season...I've never been high on him as some of you know. I think he is limited throwing downfield and struggle with pressure. Stephen Jackson wont be elite much longer the way they've used him. Receivers are average at best even with Lloyd. DL is good and relatively young on the edges and the same goes for the LB's. Secondary is very bad.

Roster Grade: C-

Miami Dolphins:
The Dolphins to me are a franchise QB away from being a playoff contender year in and year out. The Defense is good. Solid pash rushers and a good defensive line with some good young players. The corners are good not great but the safeties could use an upgrade. Offensively their line is alright...great LT but can be upgraded at probably 2-3 positions including RT. Playmakers are good with Marshall and Bess. They could use a steady RB but I dont hate this area.

Roster Grade: B-

Carolina Panthers:
The Panthers have appeared to find their franchise QB...turns it over a lot but he's a rookie and he's making plays. The Panthers need defensive line help badly especially in the interior. A run stopping DT would go a long way for them. LB's are solid...Beason going down was a huge blow though. Secondary is alright...I think its actually similar to the 49ers especially at the safety spot. Offensive line is alright but could be improved at the guard position. Their receivers outside of Smith are no names but make plays and of course they have 2 good TE's. Plus they should be set at RB

Roster Grade: B

Minnesota Vikings:
The Vikings like Ponder...well see how that turns out but he's got potential. AP is a monster even with a very suspect offensive line. They will need to upgrade that area along with the WR position. Harvin is good but not a #1. Defensive line is getting older but still good. LB's are so-so. Greenway is great but that's about all they have. Secondary needs much improvement as well.

Roster Grade: C+

The remaining teams in the hunt are Arizona, Seattle, Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Washington

I wont go into great detail over these teams but here are short observations:
Arizona - Horrible roster...will elaborate further below
Seattle - Actually solid on defense...need a QB badly
Cleveland - Going to have to make a decision on McCoy...but he needs weapons BADLY. Defense isnt terrible but LB's are a need.
Jacksonville - They believe Gabbert is the guy...but he needs weapons as well. Above average defense which will keep them in games.
Washington - Offensively they're just about at the bottom. No WR's...average RB's and NO QB. Defensively I like them a lot but cant carry the offense.

My pick for worst NFL Roster:

Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals have 2 elite players (Fitz and Peterson). Outside that this is as limited a roster as there is. Defensive line is actually decent with Campbell and Dockett but Dockett has already started to regress as he ages. They dont really have NT and in a 3-4 you're gonna need one of those. LB's are just bad. In the middle they can get by but again as a 3-4 team they have no passrushers which makes their already suspect secondary look worse. Safeties are run defenders and always a risk against the pass. Peterson cant carry the team like Revis. Offensively they have what may be the worse line in the league. Not one guy who should be a starter. Major upgrades needed. Fitz is a monster and without him they would struggle to score at all. RB's are average. I liked Ryan Williams coming out of college but his injury now worried me and Beanie Wells isnt the answer they thought he'd be as a 1st rounder. Other WR's are average as well and Todd Heap at this point in his careers cannot get the job done and really cant stay healthy.

So there are my observations...would love to get a discussion going!
I'd take the Panthers cuz they have the greatness that is Cam "fig" Newton.
i say the colts have a bad roster. they may have to re-build like we did in 03, probably cut everybody soon.
Browns first, Jags second.
Toss up between the Redskins and Seahawks.
Colts by far. Most of those teams have good up and coming players. While the Colts have old players and no names..And we're seeing that this year
Originally posted by susweel:
I'd take the Panthers cuz they have the greatness that is Cam "fig" Newton.

It's which roster you wouldnt want but I suppose we could discuss which of the "bad" teams would you most like to take over.
yea the colts need a youth movement, I see it coming

Out of all these teams I would definitely most want to take over the Dolphins. They have a lot of talent but are just missing a few pieces.
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I'd say the Browns. They need an entire overhaul on both sides of the ball. They have zero skill position players and while their defense is good, it's far away from stellar.

Dan Snyder is ridiculous.
Peterson is elite?!?!?

As a corner he looks like a rookie week in week out.
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The Arizona Cardinals. That roster may be the worst in the NFL.

Outside of Fitzgerald, even their "stars" are horrible. Dockett? Wilson? Horrible. People act like this is 2008. These guys haven't been good in a LONG time. Neither would start on this team. There is nothing on that defense to get excited about. Peterson has not lived up to the hype as a CB. Time will tell.

That roster needs to get blown up. The only piece they have is Fitzgerald. And he is just wasting away with that disgusting franchise.

If I took over, the debate would to be to trade Fitzgerald or not. That team needs help everywhere. Every single position.
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