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NFL Thursday night football kicks off!! Raiders @ Chargers

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anyone got a good link to NFLN?
Might be able to get it through or those other free tv sites!!
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Irvin hating on the Niners going deep in the playoffs, basically saying Alex can't do s**t.

Faulk and Mooch liking the Niners to go deep. Mooch saying it's likely the Niners will have a bye and a home game. Win one and you are in the NFCG in GB.
Hue Jackson is in over his head.
Raiders looking aight

what's the code?
Chargers suck.
Come on Charges. Pick off Palmer a few times
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What the f**k kind of call is that?
jUst now tuned in, come on chargers.. (id like to see carson palmer do good, but..)
Glad the Raiders won. I'm starting to find the Charger fans in my area more annoying.
Our division may be bad but at least the teams are consistent. The AFC West is crazy right now.
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