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Manning farfetched, but a possibility

Very true ! Peyton will go to a team that has a shot to win a title though. and prolly bring FA WR Reggie Wayne with him
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When are people going to realize Peyton is done? He's not playing for anyone any more.
Its the NFL....a business! theres a new GM and there will be a new coach for the colts...anything can happen
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
I've heard it a thousand times. This doesn't explain why terrible QB's like Painter and Orlovsky that can't carry Alex's jock are getting sacked and hit substantially less than our QB despite passing the ball more. Same team, different QBs, same positive results as far as sacks. Do you really believe teams think Painter and Orlovsky can consistently burn them on the blitz? NO WAY!

When worse QB's are being afforded almost the same level of protect as far as sacks/hit as Peyton Manning, this should be a MASSIVE indicator that the line is much much better than people ever gave them credit for, despite limiting sack totals on Peyton year after year.

Again, with Peyton gone, and the sack totals still low, this means he had much less to do with those sack totals than people are giving him credit for. Peyton is incredible, but people need to stop and think about these things I'm pointing out here.

16 sacks on 679 pass attempts
35 sacks on 534 pass atttempts

That's 19 more sacks on 145 less pass attempts.

2 things can be equally true. Indy has a decent pass blocking offensive line (it's sucks on the run and there's no denying that), and Peyton Manning's ability to read defenses quickly, put guys in the right place, and get rid the ball fast decreases the amount of sacks.

Not that I want him and we're just arguing theoretically but Peyton might take more sacks with our line, but the addition of a run game will also dramatically help him out. The ability to actually use play action and have defenses respect that is going to go a long ways.
It doesn't sound like his rehab is going good. I think he will get released. But he can't play in the NFL anymore.
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