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49ers Opponents Look a Like Thread

This Week : Washington Redskins

London Fletcher

Cee Lo Green

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Laron Landry

Taylor Mays

Chris Cooley

Jeffrey Ross

LOL @ london/cee-lo
DeAngelo Hall

James Harden

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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Laron Landry

Taylor Mays

was thinkin taylor mays ...then scrolled
how is mays doing these days?
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Next Week: David Diehl, NY Giants

Jack Swagger

jabarr gaffney

jamie foxx

john beck

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Deangelo Hall

James Harden

Mike Shanahan

Raving derelict:
John Beck, a starting quarterback

an Unknown Comic who will make you laugh:
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Not yet an opponent, but Aaron Rodger's helmet is too big for his head, makes him look like this:

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Originally posted by zillabeast:

LOL, could have used whoopie goldberg too
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