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NFL MVP: winner so far is...?

NFL MVP: winner so far is...?

Who would you guys Vote as MVP so far! I think it is Easily Aaron Rodgers, but im rooting for GORE to shoot up and take it! Who knows?
Carson Palmer
Rodgers in a unanimous vote
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Rodgers in a unanimous vote

No doubt about it.
Aldon Smith
Originally posted by King49er:
Aldon Smith

DRotY, yes.
Rodgers is plaing at a very high level. All those years behind Farve have paid huge dividends.
as of now rodgers

but he has played weak secondaries

rams without there starting CB

had a big game against the broncos without bailey

we shall see but as of now rodgers for sure
Rodgers, and sitting behind Favre had nothing to do with it
Brian jennings

I voted for Gore because he plays for us
Aaron Rodgers may go down as the BEST QB of all time.... did i just say that?
Wes Welker

without a doubt.
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Rodgers, playing real smart football, 2,000 yards passing 17 TD's and only has one more INT to Smith!!!
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