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Week 1 NFL Gameday Thread

Steelers vs Ravens early game I am watching.

Is ESPN down for anyone else? Mine went blank like 1/2 hour ago.
Warren Sapp needs to be shot. He's the worst NFL analyst ever.
Now that I got sunday ticket I can watch everything! I'm more interested in the ravens game but I will be checking on eagles game, hopefully vick tears the rams a new a*****e
Eagles game should be a good one too. I want to see Vick running wild through the Rams secondary.
BAL/PIT and STL/PHI games for me at 1, then SF/SEA at 4.
I will be watching the Lambs/Eagles hoping to see Bradford fail.
Man, that tribute they just had on NFL Network was awesome. The guy singing the national anthem in Chicago was unbelievable.

Seemed like they had to go off air because Rich Eisen couldn't hold his tears.
Rams D looking good so far
Rams defense looked good against the Eagles' offensive line.
Let's go SJax! Break a 90 yard run!

Then bradford can throw an INT.... then repeat!

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way to go dream team
f**k! Lmao
baby Mathews god burned.
Come on eagles! Get it together
I sure hope our offensive line isn't as bad as the Eagles.
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