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Deion Helped, but the Cowboys Lost '94...

It pisses me off to hear Emmit, Troy, and Micheal say that without Deion they would easily have won that game. Deion definitely contributed by shutting down Irvin, but a lot of other niners hurt them in that game, most notably Eric Davis & Jerry Rice. Oh by the way Troy, Irvin was guilty of pass interference 3/4 plays he was on the field...
You were actually able to understand something Emmitt Smith said? Huh.....

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I hate those f**king idiots. Irvin and Emmit are jokes.

I do, though, enjoy listening to Troy as a color announcer.
f**k the Cowboys, they lost.
Who cares about them losers.
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
f**k the Cowboys, they lost.

nice though kowboy killa
To hell with the Cowbitc**s, and Deion.......could care less about both of them......
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
f**k the Cowboys, they lost.

They lost the NFC Championship game badly. It wasn't even close. Deion played a role, but to think it was all him is ludicrous.
tell these numbnuts where was Alvin Harper. Troy Aikman went completely away from him, didn't even want to throw his way. emmit got shut...irvin got shut from the jump(2nd/3rd play on offense by ERIC DAVIS)...troy got sh!tted on by the front 7. gotta say something to tell themselves to feel good instead of just facing the reality...which was that they thought they could cakewalk their way SB. in that case Deion alone helped them reach the SB the following year?
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Anybody ever notice Aikmans hands? They are so amazingly un┬Ěproportionate to the rest of his body it's insane. That's all I can think of anymore when they show him.

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Yeh yeh here are the real reasons not in order: Dallas turnovers, Barry Switzer, We were a better team, Alvin Harper leaving dallas, we got Ken Norton Jr, Bryant Young, William floyd, our Swag. Our switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3. etc etc
Was 3 yrs old when this occurred...feels bad man.
Deion did help but Dallas shouldn't have overlooked Eric Davis either his INT was I believe in the first drive of the game and he gave us the TD of the game. They also use the Emmitt Smith's injury as an excuse as to why they lost, they're cowb***hes of course they'll b***h
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f**k the Cowboys, f**k E. Smith, f**k M. Irvin, f**k T. Aikman, and f**k their fans.
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