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Who is the best player ever to never have made the pro-bowl?

What about the best active play as well to never have made the pro-bowl? Is Plaxico Burress up there? And I'm talking being actually selected. None of the "10 other guys couldn't go so he did" crap.
^^ on the raiders.. nice
Jim Plunkett?
Well sense your saying injury replacements don't count, I'm going with RB Fred Taylor. He had some great years with the Jags and only made one Pro Bowl as a replacement.
wtf? rathman never made the pro bowl?
lol @ Raider Rathman.
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Rathman never played for the Raiders.

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Originally posted by Amir:
Rathman never played for the Raiders.

he did man.... he did. it's where the niner greats went to die. Lott, Rice, Craig
Originally posted by ethan05:

He went twice I believe. I know for sure once when he was with us.
Originally posted by valrod33:

well if you look at NT right now



Kory Sheets
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