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Josh McDaniels HIRED

by the Rams for their OC position
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Bilacheat JR


Sing is next
F**k the RAMS.
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Well he had a great half season with Nolan. He'll make a decent OC though.

What are the odds Jed hires him?
Why did he get rid of Nolan again? What an idiot
Dude, wow. Didn't Bowlen just say he wasn't looking to replace him, etc.? Hilarious.
We should sign him............... oh wait

That opens a desirable HC position.
I wouldnt want him as a HC. An OC hell yeah but he should not be in charge.
he'd be a really good OC for us, I mean he videotaped our practices already.
Denver will probably hire Harbaugh.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Sing is next

that would make my day
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