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week 3 gameday thread!

Rams up 14-0 after 6 minutes!

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Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
Rams up 14-0 after 6 minutes!


I just hope we beat the raiders


andrew luck comes out
Atlanta just won.

lulz if Cards and Seahawks lose and we are only 1 game back
Rams> Niners
Bradford> Smith
Bruce Gradkowski is really impressing me
Rivers just had his nose broken
steven jackson looks hurt pretty badly
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Originally posted by jrg:
steven jackson looks hurt pretty badly

Wow, Seattle is a less talented better coached team than the 49ers...

Raiders look pretty good...
Falcons win in New Orleans.

We get them next week in Atlanta.

Originally posted by niners94:
Raiders look pretty good...

Yup, I'm pretty jealous of how they are moving the ball. Gradkowski looks pretty good
Brandon Lloyd siting in Denver
The Seahawks are looking pretty good too...fml.
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