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The 10 most beautiful woman in nfl football jerseys

Question:Which is better, a beautiful woman, or an NFL Super Bowl Sunday?
Answer: There isn’t a right question.
But rather than force you to choose between your two loves, I prefer to just pair women and football together.
After searching the Internet,I am so glad to show you”The 15 most sexy woman in nfl jerseys”:

1. Kendra Wilkinson, San Diego Chargers

The former Playboy playmate is also the ultimate NFL wife. She’s married to the Indianapolis Colts’ Hank Baskett. The two just recently celebrated the birth of their first child together. Congratulations to them.

Still, Mr. Baskett can’t be particularly happy seeing his wife in a LaDainian Tomlinson jersey. Can he?

2. Jenn Sterger, New York Jets

“The 27-year-old model, actress and television personality came to fame back in 2005 at a Florida State-Miami football game, when a camera panned to a shot of her in the stands, cheering on her beloved Seminoles. However, to her credit, Jenn turned that 15 seconds of fame into a career of modeling and acting.”

3. Jessica Simpson, Dallas Cowboys

She’s a total babe and for our money, has outlasted Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears as the hottest pop singer of our generation.

Despite all that, we can’t put her higher on this list for two reasons: One,Tony Romo is undoubtedly a better quarterback now than when he was dating her. And two, she likes to wear a No. 9 pink Cowboys jersey that is just hideous.

4. Jess Snyder, New York Giants

We’ll be seeing another hot Jess wearing a football jersey later. For now, we’ll have to settle for this Tampa model and Giants mega fan, Jess Synder.

Question: How many Jess Snyder’s would you need to equal one Brandon Jacobs? My guess? 6.5.

5. Elaine, Pittsburgh Steelers

I don’t care how many concussions Big Ben gets. Or how many catches Heinz Ward gets. Or how many tackles [url=[/url] makes. Hell, I don’t care how many Super Bowl rings or how many Terry Bradshaw jokes the Pittsburgh Steelers have to their credit.

Nothing beats seeing Elaine in this jersey.

6. Marissa, Tennessee Titans

Marissa is a huge Tennessee Titans fan, straight out of Nashville. She’s been on the bandwagon since their Super Bowl run with Eddie George earlier this decade. And we have to assume she loves Chris Johnson too.

However, what I bet most of you don’t know is she just recently traded in her Kerry Collins jersey for the Vince Young one seen in this picture. Shhh! Just don’t tell Kerry; he might get upset.

7. Racquel, Philadelphia Eagles

So, Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love, but we’ve got to show some love to all their ladies for representing the Eagles as well as they do.

By the way, I know it’s kind of weird to ask, but did anybody else just get hungry for some Chunky Soup?

8. Jenny, Denver Broncos

So, Josh McDaniels gets all the love as the new coach, and Kyle Orton gets all the love as the new quarterback. Knowshon Moreno was everyone’s favorite rookie, and the defense played great.

Yet, all of a sudden, I just don’t seem to have any interest anymore. Not since Jenny walked in the room.

9. Michelle, Philadelphia Eagles

We don’t know much about Michelle, but the Randall Cunningham throwback jersey is sexy on many levels. It brings us to a simpler time, when Cunningham graced the sidelines, Reggie White controlled the trenches, and Andy Reid was still under 250 pounds. Either way, we like it, and we certainly would love to see a lot more Michelle.

10 Nikki, Arizona Cardinals

Question: Kurt Warner is a devoted Catholic and family man. Does that make it wrong of him to enjoy this picture of the hottest Arizona Cardinals fan we know, Nikki? Because I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time blaming the guy.
Just don’t tell his wife.

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No Niner girls?
Why do all your links go to

Sterger is probably the hottest one there, followed by Racquel and Nikki.

And seriously, where's the 49er girl?


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No Niner girls?

So post 'em!

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