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Bradford Deal Done

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Its ridiculous. $50 Million GUARANTEED for a guy with 2 serious injuries to his throwing shoulder, and is now going to a team with a bad o-line and gonna be getting crushed by NFL players? Absolutely crazy!

The O-line isn't bad. The WR core is though.

When i watched them last year against us, we got to Boller/Null with ease. I would definitely say they have a bad o-line

Injury bug got them last year. They are not as bad as they looked last year.

They have won 5 games in the last 3 years COMBINED. I would say they are as bad as they looked.

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Originally posted by Hawksfan81:
That is case and point for a rookie salary cap in the next CBA as far as I am concerned. That contract is ridiculous.

All that guaranteed money is the criminal part. 1st round QBs have an at least 50% fail rate, miss on one and the franchise is in salary cap hell for the length of the contract.
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