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Baalke is going to pick depending on talent, not need

Anybody read that article? I am extremely scared that we are going to make an idiotic move and select someone like Dez Bryant. Anybody who has watched our team in the last 3 years realizes that we desperately need a RIGHT OFFENSIVE TACKLE. That is the number one priority before anything else. Singletary wants to be a smash mouth team; we cannot be a smash mouth team without a good OFFENSIVE LINE. I really hope that players like Dez Bryant and Jimmy Clausen get picked up before our first pick, so we wont have to worry about Baalke blowing it. What do you guys think?

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Dez Bryant is not an idiotic move.
talent is the way to go man. but luckily for us theres good talent at positions of need. cant miss on this draft, only the raiders can
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