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Darnell Dockett talking some smack!!

What the heck?!?!Link
eh... just fuel for gore...
F*ck Darnell Dockett. He can kiss my 49er a**. We kicked his a** along with the Cardinals twice last year.
I'd love to have our hopefully soon-to-be 49er Iupati maul his candy arse 7 yards deep past the line of scrimmage and pancake him.
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on April 20, 2010 8:14 PM ET

Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett wanted to know one thing before the NFL schedule came out.

"Please tell me when and where and what time we playing the 49ers cause I'm going 3days earlier, and sleep in the vistor lockeroom! #killmode" Dockett tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Dockett was later told the news.

"49ers play the Cardinals on Monday Night Nov 29th in AZ.Happy birday to uuuu, happy birdday too uuuu happy birday dear NINE-0000!"

(Dockett said earlier in the day whenever he played the 49ers would be his new birthday.)

Dockett was asked about Travis LaBoy, a former Cardinal, signing with Arizona Tuesday. "Who cares that why he's a EX,, ITS #BIRDGANG ALL DAY," Dockett wrote.

But why does Dockett hate the 49ers so much?

"They should have drafted me 1st round and they stole my car!"

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F*ck him! If they couldn't beat us last year with Warner, Boldin, Dansby etc... were going to f*ck them up. We're obviously in his head.
dude is just scared because he knows the cards time is up, f**k him
This idiot always has something stupid to say about the Niners. He's a JOKE. The Cardinals have had 2 good seasons in their NFC West existence and he's seriously gonna be running his mouth? His reasoning for hating the Niners is the stupidest thing I've ever heard (I understand he was probably joking). It's funny how he chooses us to talk sh*t about because he knows we're the only good team in the division.
And someone tweet him and tellhim hes just hatin on us, we can tell because of what he said saying our 49ers shouldve drafted him in the first round.

Dockett has been eating too many of these..
He sounds like a bitter girlfreind who got dumpped!

Shut up b***h!
He's just sad cause the NFL knows we're now the elite marketable team of the West again. Cards are back to square one just when they started getting primetime exposure.
Webzone sure does care a lot of what Dockett thinks.
His hatred is bred from wishing he was a Niner, but can't be? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's pathetic!
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