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Randy Moss Vs Jerry Rice-Let's be real.

Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
Wow.....where do I start?

Apparently Usain Bolt would also be better than Jerry Rice because he's fast as balls.

Well obviously.
yes i watched the 2010, HOF video. & he's a smaller, slower Moss. Moss has just as good of hands if not even better.

its not me that needs to watch video, i saw every game Rice ever played. Its you that needs watch that much Moss to determine who is better. I've watched them both.

Fact still remains, & i'll say it forever, Moss & Rice can be debated to who is a better player.
strickac had a pretty good reply, he's gets it.
dshearn is entitled to his opinion. that is a good reply. sounded like he just doesn't like Randy, not that Randy wasn't skilled. haha, chris carter would laugh at that prolly,he says Moss is the best ever. :)
e49, there's opinions, then there's just lack of education on the subject. Moss does have the mental game Rice had. Ask bellichick. He does work hard, blah balh blah, all that Rice legend stuff you hang onto, Moss does. You, yes you, just haven't seen enough Moss. You prolly actually believe, MOss has never ran an IN route.

rivers, you are in part true. but as a niner fan & havin my whole family and friends niner fans,you learn that this is the only way to open up people's eyes to the real randy moss, and get them to step outside the "rice box" and see another prospective. i respect your comment. but ether just posted other stats...
thizz, that's a cliche answer
dj, sorry man, Moss does all that stuff Rice did to. Stats don't mean anything, your right. but, they do open eyes a lil to even be in the conversation, second, if Moss doesn't break Rices receiving TD record, you will say, pff, rice has more td's.
sonoco, not a bad post, althogh,thinking moss will only 10 td's next year, will be wrong. & your right, if Moss ends up on a bad team & doesn't reach the record it will be peeps like me saying, Moss had way less and still tore it up, A LA BARRY SANDERS.

& as far as Rice getting hurt, yes i watched that live on my floor in the living room. (side note, i saw rice's last game as a niner, same day t.o. set the record, on the 50 yard line with my boss)if u think i'm not a rice fan, your nuts, i lived for the guy for years in my own football career.

but being injured is part of the game, Moss has been injured a lot too. but the media calls it dogging it. see jerkoff jaworski stick up for Moss this year saying he wan't doggin' it. Moss admited after season hurting his back mid year & he STILL led the NFL, cause you simply can't cover him 1v1, it's a fact.
niners99 made my point exactly!, he said moss is clearly better, pretty much, but then said, but Rice worked harder. wtf does that mean, if your me sitting here. that's the point i'm making, Moss is better than Rice.

itlyn, go to another forum
read todays posts & responded.

i just gotta say, Rice is the greatest ever, if it makes you feel better. But just for a second, imagine a player, with the awareness, grace, soft hands, smarts, & same savvy as Rice,-but faster, taller and more athletic. that equals Moss. Imagine all those amazing looking Rice catches he makes, then imagine a guy that is even more amazing. To me, it's just crazy how great Moss is. For those of you that can't sit through an 8 minute video of Moss's entire career, Minny/OAK/PATS,your truely missing out.
& it's really not just the video's, i know of catches & plays that's not in video's and on sportscenter. i know Moss like I know Rice. WR was my life, & still is part of it, I'm a WR-coach. Moss is just better. Rice is still the greatest, again, i'm just saying, you can debate Moss being the greatest.

1 day, it may be easier to debate Moss/Rice. I know one thing, Pats win that superbowl, a lot of your ammo would be gone.

that reminded me, don't know who it was, but listed Moss's superbowl stats. If you actually see all of those catches, they were routes!, & great ones, wide open, inluding an ankle breaking slant route in the endzone to go ahead & win the superbowl & complete and undefeated, stat record filled season. but that giants helmet catch, took that away. Brady was hurt in the superbowl, is why they lost. & FYI, Moss was double teamed and triple teamed with a safety playing 15-20 yards off the ball. I think bellichick lost that game and giants pass rush & brady's injurty did it.
I do know, Moss's td per playoff game is close to Rice's. but a few games there, it went down. MOss's td per playoff game, early in his career was actually better than Rice's. Had a few bad games, when his "team" lost. eveyone brings up playoffs this & playoffs that. When Rice was on super super teams, every single year. Every year.
HAHA, this thread really annoys me

Talkin About Moss bein better than RICE are you kidding me.

and the comparison about Horry and Kobe, Yea we know that Horry isn't great.

But your talkin about RICE AND MOSS, Two great players, compared to a One good BBALL Player and a OK player.

But theres no way Moss is better than rice, Rice has 3 superbowls, almost 4, Moss hasn't even gotten one, and he's been on some pretty good teams. Honestly, i don't know if he has one, but Either way who cares.

RICE > MOSS, Any day. And i'm not jus sayin that cause i'm a niner fan, But it's Common sense.

You can't tell me u'd sit there and take Moss in his Prime over Rice in his PRIME. If you can, your on some major crack.
First, the comparison you are posing is an interesting debate. It reminds me of Joe Montana vs. Tom Brady. But, what bothers me is that at some points you talk as if you are just comparing Moss to Rice, and then other times you say Moss is better than Rice. You have to stick to one point and hold on to it for others to understand what you're saying.

Now, with the comparison between the two, it actually doesn't bother me that you are doing that. They play the same position and both have above exceptional skill at the position. Everyone knows how amazing Rice was hands down. But, we also know that Moss is a great receiver as well. At the end of the day, however, I just cannot fathom why you would believe Moss is better than Rice.

I do believe Moss is an awesome receiver. The stats, the name, the plays; he is known around the league as a top flight receiver. But, I believe you are in the minority believing he is better than Rice. Even if he were able to break all of Rice's records, which is something I doubt, at this moment in time, no one can top what Rice is and has done.

As someone pointed out earlier, it would be like comparing Kobe and Lebron to Jordan. You just can't do it. And, to me, it is because it's a generational thing. Too many people remember what Rice and Jordan did when they played. Maybe years down the road, when new superstars of the game emerge, names we talk about today will slowly drift into just history. But, now, it is too early to dub a new game changer since players like Rice and Jordan are just recent retirees.

Lastly, I completely agree with those that point to Rice's attitude in contrast to Moss' attitude. If you are trying to put someone on top, they must be an all around player and person. Moss will give up on plays and also became pathetic to watch while in Oakland. Whereas Rice did everything he could to help his team. Come on, he even reduced his contract to help with other contracts on the team. Would Moss do that?

And, IIRC, didn't Lott even say at the beginning of his career that Rice cried because he was dropping balls and felt like he was letting his team down? Lott said that that showed how much he actually cared about his team since he didn't like letting his team down.
yes, moss in his prime was the most feared player ever! period! rice wasn't as feared as Moss, it's a fact.
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