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Randy Moss Vs Jerry Rice-Let's be real.

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we haven't banned this troll yet?

Randy Moss, best ever?

Ok lets see here, hmm, Moss played in one Super Bowl, the biggest stage in sports. Surely, as the best of all time he must of had a monster game, right?
He had 5 catches for 62 yards and 1 touch down, not bad.

Ok now Jerry Rice, I mean what has he ever done, lets look at his Super Bowl numbers, can't be better than the great Randy Moss.

1988 Super Bowl: 11 catches, 215 yards receiving, 1 touchdown, and one rush for 5 yards, 220 yards total offense.

That must of been some kind of fluke though right?

1989 Super Bowl: 7 catches, 148 yards, 3 touchdowns

Well sure he dominated the 80s, but I mean come on! He had Joe Montana at quarterback....

1994 Super Bowl: 10 catches, 149 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 rush for 10 yards.

Sure, he had SEVEN touchdowns in 3 Super Bowls, but he played with Steve Young and Joe Montana, and for all those great Niner teams, he couldn't do that if he played somewhere else.....

2002 Super Bowl: 5 catches, 77 yards, 1 touchdown.

See! That's pretty close to Randy's numbers! So, Randy must be better! Oh wait, you mean Jerry Rice put up those numbers at age 39? You mean Randy Moss's only Super Bowl performance equals Jerry's worst? So, how exactly is Randy Moss better? Don't the best play at their best when it matters most? Isn't that why they are, you know, the best?!

Look Junior, when Randy Moss comes through in a game that matters, and there are first for everything, then speak up. When he does it consistently over a whole career, then you can come sit down at the grown folks table. But until that day, Randy Moss is just a guy with a lot of "pretty" numbers that doesn't come through in the clutch, and you are just some kid spouting off at the kids table, now eat your vegetables and kindly shut up.

This post should end all arguments of who was the greatest or is the greatest.

Still waiting on those facts btw true1.

He will blow off these facts with arguments against nobody in particular, he will call us all idiots for paying attention to records instead of raw talent, and failing to recognize that receivers can keep pace on their current recording breaking stats like marvin harrison and TO and whichever receiver is about to get too old.

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He said he watched every game Jerry Rice played in. That s**t is a complete joke, just like this thread.
I see your long post and counter with... LONG POST. The topic creator has been talking about steering clear of "homerism", and looking at things objectively. So the easiest way to that would be to look at statistics. Straight up looking at stats in context, I think the better player is clear.

One issue that most people, including the topic creator, have ignored are the rule changes that the league has created to make it a more pass happy league. First, there are the changes in the Pass Interference rule, which prohibited any contact with the receiver until the ball is in the air and being played by both players past 5 yards. Second, there are the rules that continue to put an emphasis on protecting the QB, giving them more time to throw/evade sacks. How can we measure the effects? It's actually quite difficult, since defensive schemes have adjusted to counter these rule changes.

One thing we can look at is how much better each player was compared to the other top receivers at the time. Doing so allows us to compensate for the rules at the time and the offensive/defensive schemes currently en vogue during those years. Therefore, the comparisons should provide a fairly accurate picture about how dominant each player was in his own era.

I took a look at a few specific seasons each player had and took a look at the top 10 statistical leaders for that year. The first comparison looked at the TD reception records put up by both players. To take a look at how each player did compared to the rest of the league, I took Moss/Rice out if they were in the top 10.

Moss: 98 Rec, 1493 yds, 23 TD
Avg. Top 10 Receiver: 102 Rec, 1180 yds, 11.9 TD
Percentages: 96% Rec, 126% yds, 193% TD

Rice: 65 Rec, 1078 yds, 22 TD
Avg. Top 10 Receiver: 62.5 Rec, 970.6 yds, 7.8 TD
Percentages: 105% Rec, 111% yds, 282% TD

Obviously, both sets of stats are extremely impressive, especially looking at the TD's. While Moss had the slight edge in yards (by 15%), Rice has a slight edge in rec (9%) and a HUGE edge in TD's (89%). In terms of how impressive each record-setting season in context with the rest of the league, Rice had the more impressive season.

The topic creator also brought up the "12th" season, since it was Moss' most current. Another post mentioned age comparisons. So I'll do a comparison of those three seasons. (Moss 12th, Rice 12th, and Rice at 32)

Moss: 83 Rec, 1284 yds, 13 TD
Avg. Top 10 Receiver: 100.3 Rec, 1277.2 yds, 10.8 TD
Percentages: 82.7% Rec, 100.5% yds, 120% TD

Rice: 108 Rec, 1254 yds, 8 TD
Avg. Top 10 Receiver: 93.3 Rec, 1224 yds, 10.9 TD
Percentages: 115.7% Rec, 102.4% yds, 73.4% TD

Compared to the rest of the league in their respective years, both players were above average compared to other elite receivers. Rice has a clear edge in receptions, and a slim edge in yards. Moss has a large edge in TDs. I would say that they are pretty even in terms of performance, with Rice moving towards a possession receiver role, while Moss retaining his ability as a deep threat. While one is flashier than the other, it's hard to argue that either is more important than the other. Note that Rice was 34, while Moss was 32. Take a look at Rice when he was 32.

Rice: 112 Rec, 1499 yds, 13 TD
Avg. Top 10 Receiver: 93.7 Rec, 1264 yds, 10 TD
Percentages: 119.5% Rec , 118.6% yds , 130% TD

When they were the same age, Rice has Moss beat in every statistic when compared to the rest of the league. He has a large edge in receptions and yards, and a slim edge in TDs.

Obviously, both players are great receivers that have had monster seasons. However, when compared to the rest of the league during that time, Rice's seasons are actually more statistically impressive compared to Randy Moss. It seems clear that Rice still holds the title of number one receiver, and Moss, while impressive, can't really challenge for that title. Of course, you can look at the other years in their career, or do comparisons over the course of a few years lumped together, but I don't feel like doing that right now.

Let's here that response.
You folk still letting this troll play with you?
I thick he went back to the Patriots forum.

Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
I thick he went back to the Patriots forum.

haha probably, That noob.

I think we can finally close out this thread.

PLZ LOCK IT UP, Case is closed.
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you have too much time on your hands

Good job, guys. Your checks are in the mail.
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