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Just an observation from the pack/cards game

^Stickum. No doubt.

Oh, and "Rodgers. LOL."
Originally posted by valrod33:
You wanna know why Rodgers is so good, its because he got to sit back and learn behind a HOF QB for a few years.

Alex Smith started with some of the worst collection of talent ever in the NFL and he was thrown to the wolves, if we drafted Rodgers the same s**t would have happened

That's what happens when you have to sit through draft day wondering when you're gonna get picked. Draft 101: if you're picked later in the first, you're probably gonna go to a better team than someone drafted first overall. thats why Alex was paid the big bucks compared to Rodgers.

Also Rodgers is good because he's a really good passer. Having a good collection of talent around u doesn't guarantee that. See Matt Lienart. Give credit where credit is do and stop bringing these probowl qbs to alex smith's current level. I say current because he may be there one day but not yet.
The NFL has been slowly pushing 100 pt games for 30 years now. It is just a matter of time.

I feel really bad for the NFL that my grand children are going to have to watch
Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by 49erRider:
Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by 49erRider:
What about the multiple times he rolled right, scanned and found a receiver? Would you still prefer the roll right, stare down one guy and throw it away approach?

what about the first play of the game, when he rolled right, had time, held the ball too long, and then forced it and threw a pick which led to a quick score, and put them behind all game?

Every QB makes mistakes. You act like he did that the entire game. You're gonna need more than one play to back your argument.

ok how about his first play, and his last play. both key mistakes a QB should never make. he forced the ball into coverage on the 1st, and he held onto the ball way too long on the last, and it cost his team the game.

also, he overthrew Jennings on the first play of OT which wouldve won the game.

just accept the fact that Rodgers isnt as good as people say he is.

I cannot and will not knock Rodger for that last play. Two plays earlier on 1st down, yes. That would have been some comeback.

The fact that he engineered a comeback to tie the score from 21 points down is amazing. You all gushed years ago when Garcia brought us back against the Giants, so why the double standard.

As for the Smith vs Rodgers comparisons, if Rodgers had been thrown the wolves in his first couple of seasons he would have looked as bad as Smith. Learning behind Favre, with a head coach who actually understood QBs made Rodgers understand the game a lot better.

My take, if Rodgers had been drafted by the 49ers, we'd be having this discussion and the only change would be the names.

It's time for some to get a clue.
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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Rodgers > Smith at this point in their careers.

By your logic, you'd rather have Smith over Manning, Warner or any other pocket passer.

Aaron Rodgers doesn't touch Peyton Manning or Kurt Warner..
QBs I'd rather have then Rodger...for a year
Eli Manning
Tom Brady
Drew Brees
Ben Roethlisberger

Aaron Rodgers is an overrated QB, his WRs get so many YAC that make his stats look so good...GB is 4th in the NFL in the league in YAC, Patriots are 3rd with 5 more yards..And not to mention, he JTOs a lot..

Were 12th in the NFC
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we wont succeed with any QBs.........

we have no OL
we had no real receiving threat till this year
We have basicallhy no consistent runnig game because of poor OL performance in run blocking

see what Tom Brady did today against that ravens defense. You just can't have 500 yards and 5 TD game when you have a DE/LB chasing your ass all day long
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